Temple De Hirsch Sinai Jewish Reform Synagogue - Educators
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Our Educators


Rabbi Micah Ellenson
Associate Rabbi & Director of Congregational Learning

206.323.8486 • mellenson@tdhs-nw.org

Religion School:
Jordan Magidson
Nadiv Associate Director of Congregational Learning

206.315.7430 • jmagidson@tdhs-nw.org

Leah Levy
Director of Middle School & High School Programs

206.315.7422 • llevy@tdhs-nw.org

Mimi Porad
Education Administrative Coordinator

206.315.7420 • mimi@tdhs-nw.org

Toby Harris
Temple Librarian

206.315.7398 • tharris@tdhs-nw.org

Rachel Rasmus
Youth Advisor
206.315.7423 • rrasmus@tdhs-nw.org


Early Childhood Education Outreach & KIDdish Club Coordinator
Kate Speizer
KIDdish Club


Jennifer Rosen Meade Preschool
Laurel Abrams
Preschool Director

206.315.7428•  laurel@tdhs-nw.org

Stacy Handlin
Lead, Camp, Extended Day

206.323.8486 • shandlin@tdhs-nw.org